30.18 Deep Lintel (290 x 390 x 190)



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  • 30.18 Deep Lintel (290 x 390 x 190)

    30.18 Deep Lintel (290 x 390 x 190)

    Brand: AustralMasonry

    Product Code: AB_30.18

    $5.95 per Block

    Alphalite masonry units are a true masonry workhorse . lightweight and load.bearing. They also have a high.fire rating, sound and thermal insulation qualities. Alphalite is available in an assortment of sizes and suitable for a wide range of projects.

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     Property and Specification
    Availability  N/A Blocks
    Min Order Qty
    Avge Block Weight (Kgs)
    Blocks Per Pallett  108
    F'uc (MPa)  15 MPa
    Insulation FRL (mins)  240 (Filled) mins

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